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2016 Products

2016 Products Found


Take the scenic route this season, and experience a sun-drenched journey you'll always remember... Here's to an endless summer, filled with possibilities, positivity and stylish pit stops with the ones that mean the most. From hazy, lazy afternoons to laid-back lunches and cocktail brunches, we've got everything you need to ramp up your wardrobe, whatever the occasion. Let's embrace every moment and live life to the full, in a fail-safe collection that's ready to hit the open road.

Lipsy Rose Petite Mixed Cable Cardigan (R95051) | $55
Lipsy Neutral Petite Mixed Cable Cardigan (P50685) | $55
Lipsy White Petite Scallop Detail Knit Diamanté Button Cardigan (R72053) | $39
Lipsy Grey Petite Mixed Cable Cardigan (P50684) | $55
Lipsy Black Petite Strappy Bandage Dress (Q26252) | $83 - $90
Lipsy Black Petite Long Sleeve knitted V Neck Button Jumper (P93478) | $47
Lipsy Black Curve Knitted Pleated Midi Dress (K01328) | $86
Lipsy Monochrome Petite V Neck Fit And Flare Knitted Dress (K32608) | $72
Lipsy Rose Petite Knitted Cable Button Through Cardigan (K33334) | $54
Lipsy Black Curve Edge To Edge Ribbed Cardigan (Q15948) | $47
Lipsy Pink Petite Short Lace Hem Knitted Cardigan (K19094) | $44
Lipsy Camel Petite Knitted Button Detail Top (K22083) | $50