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Men's Shirts


Men’s shirts for every occasion, and in every style to lend effortless elegance. A classic collection of Oxford shirts will see you through both casual and formal events, as well as checked, printed, and striped shirts that can be perfectly paired with a smart pair of men’s trousers. Explore fun floral prints for a look that’s always on-trend, or plain white work shirts that are easily layered under a suit. Available in long and short sleeves, with both bold and pastel colourways, you’ll find an edit of enviable designs from the Next collection alongside desirable options from major brands. Dress up or down with Men’s jeans for a smart casual look.

White Slim Fit Long Sleeve Stretch Oxford Shirt (183702) | $39
Light Blue Slim Fit Long Sleeve Stretch Oxford Shirt (160190) | $39
White Leaf Regular Fit Single Cuff Printed Trimmed Shirt (U23471) | $47
Fred Perry Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt (T70159) | $105
Fred Perry Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt (T70160) | $105
Superdry Vintage Merchant Shirt (C76481) | $55
White/Multicoloured Floral Regular Fit Single Cuff Signature Trimmed Shirt (T08969) | $53
White Signature Wing Collar Shirt (U08515) | $53
White Regular Fit Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt (792430) | $35
Cherry Red With Stag Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt (A05838) | $35
Olive Green Gingham Regular Fit Single Cuff Easy Iron Button Down Oxford Shirt (731888) | $30
White Regular Fit Double Cuff Shirts 2 Pack (785805) | $44