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Fat Face

It's always been our sense of adventure, fun and spontaneity that make us who and what we are. We're more than just ordinary. And so are our clothes. We started selling tees from a campervan, and proudly grew into a brand that designs modern, stylish clothes for all the family. We're FatFace. More than just ordinary, since 1988.

FatFace Blue Penny Woodblock Spot Sweat Dress (M95412) | $68
FatFace Blue Relaxed Rainbow Stripe Airlie Sweatshirt (U50407) | $76
FatFace Lewes Denim Dungarees (A96142) | $90
FatFace Womens Green Taylor Jacket (T63667) | $166
FatFace Women Blue Jennifer Kindness Crew Sweatshirt (M95418) | $55
FatFace Green Bernie Butterfly Shirt Dress (M95351) | $68
FatFace Blue Floral Embroidered Denim Shorts (U18046) | $24
FatFace Mens Cream Borg Zip Through Sweat Shirt (T04260) | $109
FatFace Dalby Ankle Boots (M62011) | $95
FatFace Leather Grey Trainers (T67510) | $95
FatFace Blue Carrie Dungarees (M95344) | $90
FatFace Baby Crew Knitted Leggings (A10099) | $12